2021: My Favorite Photos

2021: My Favorite Photos

So! I thought it’d be fun to go through my photos this year and pick a favorite from every month. Why? ONE MUST FEED THE CONTENT BEAST, AFTER ALL. Ha ha, not really, this is a blog, nobody reads those anymore. No, I wanted to do it because photography gives me great peace, and delights me. It is a creative outlet that I do not rely upon to live, and I don’t even know that I’m really that good at, but once in a while, I manage to eke out a photo I’m really happy with. So, this is that. The year in images, for me.

A respite from the pandemic.

A refuge from the chaos.

Let’s do it.



(Sorry, March gets two photos. Because dogs. Dogs are an allowable exception to any rule.)




Oh my god I saw so many birds in May. Spring migration was intense. So, this is a hard one. It’s like, I think I posted three photos in April, but… 30 or so in May. So I’m going to pick three. Because I’m a Cheaty McCheaterson.

Listen, it was really hard to stop there. You can see my other May 2021 photos here. Lotta birds.



Yes, I’m cheating again. Shut up. *stares*

Also that seagull will be my first album cover. When I do an album. Of rad Synthwave Bluegrass.


We’re all going to casually agree that we won’t talk about how I’ve completely demolished the rules that I set at the fore of this post. Just, uhhh. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME I’m sorry that was very rude, Rage Against the Machine just popped out of me, mea culpa









FINE. Whew. There you go.

I tried to keep it to one a month but aaaaaaah yeah that went off the rails pretty quick.

Anyway. Hope your 2022 is filled with interesting images and captivating beauty and at the very least, a shitload of really cool birds and bugs.

29 responses to “2021: My Favorite Photos”

  1. These made me feel all wintery cozy which is nice because I live in Santa Monica. What camera do you use? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing photos – thanks for sharing. They remind me how when you slow down and really look outside you will be able to find yourself gobsmacked in the best way!

  3. Beautiful photographs. But I suspect you already knew that. My question is: how in the world did you think you’d be able to stick to one favorite photo each month? I realize you couldn’t just sling the whole year’s collection at us at once and expect us to study each individual photograph and marvel at it’s beauty and symmetry and color palate and … and … and … but c’mon. Only one per month? Really?IMPOSSIBLE!

    As I am an optimistic person, I will wish you and yours all good things in this coming New Year.

  4. Amazing photography of nature. I’d say you have a great eye for it. It’s ok to break it own rules sometimes. It feels good. And so does screaming Rage at the top of your lungs!! Cheers to releasing any toxic shit ☺️

  5. As someone who HAS paid the bills with the product of eye-and-camera (that got me places I could never have gone otherwise) allow me to say these are really nice. REALLY nice. You have the one thing that cannot be taught: an eye for a photograph. All the technical details can be taught, composition can be taught, but SEEING the thing to begin with an knowing it’s a shot, that cannot be taught. I really like these and always look forward to your posts of photos through the year.

  6. Those photos are fantastic!! You may have done this before, but if you haven’t, I’d be *very* interested in a blog post on all of your specs and everything you use to capture said photos.

  7. Bright, colorful, and lovely photos — I enjoyed all the birds and bugs. And I like your idea of the seagull photo as album cover. If your second album has slower songs with self-reflective lyrics, I would suggest the first photo for August as cover art. Happy New Year 🙂

  8. They were amazing photos. You must have a heck of a camera to get those close-ups. Was that a vulture in the grey photo?

  9. All great photos, but my faves (b/c I’m a raptor fan) (the bird not the sports team) are the hawk (a sharpie?) and the vulture. The latter is especially elegant, a perfect chiaroscuro composition in both setting and tone. I would pay for a print of that and have it framed and hanging on one of my living room walls. In fact, the idea someone else here had of a calendar is a splendid one. More than one photo per month would be fine with me. A little doggerel from you in an empty day space per month, too, perhaps. I’d shell out $$ for one. Call it The Penmonkey Annual or something. Yeah, you’re busy, but this’d be fun, right? Right? 🙂

  10. Great writer AND magical photographer. Now just waiting to download your rad Synthwave Bluegrass album from Amazon…..;-))

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