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Dust & Grim, Book of Accidents, And Where I Will Pop Up

Here, hold still while I duct tape this CRUCIAL WENDIG UPDATE to your face. Don’t worry, it’s reversed so you can read it, sheesh. So pushy.

Anyway, hey, hi, hello. Some quick updates for your FACE, as noted:

This Thursday, the 12th, I’ll be joining the Peculiar Book Club, hosted by Brandy Schillace — it should be a hoot, we will talk about the bridge between Science and Science-Fiction. Sign up here and join us, won’t you?

Next Weds, the 18th, I have the distinct pleasure of joining Grady Hendrix for a moderated chat brought to you by PRH and a mighty host of library co-sponsors. Eventbrite link here. It’s cheap as free! And who doesn’t like free? Terrorists, that’s who.

I’m at the Writers’ Ink podcast this week.

“FUCK THOSE OTHER CHUCK WENDIGS.” Er, what I mean is, did you read my interview with Gabino Iglesias? At LitReactor? Well, why the hell not? DO YOU HATE FUN. Go read it. I’ll wait here. Also, though I don’t think it’s publicly available as yet, the Most Excellent Mister Iglesias reviewed The Book of Accidents at Locus, and here is a portion of that wonderful takeaway:

“The Book of Accidents is about a family fighting something much bigger than them while also struggling with their personal demons. It’s a wildly entertaining narrative about entropy, death, and the most horrible things humanity can do, which balances things out by showing the power of love, family, and friendship. Wendig is already a house- hold name, but he’s not resting of his laurels, and this one might just be his best book yet.”

Toronto Star also reviewed TBOA:

“Wendig somehow keeps this dizzying circle of subplots and characters in flight without dropping a ball, ensuring that you can put off all those projects you promised to finish this summer.”

Sci-Fi Bulletin reviewed it thusly:

“Wendig has a knack of powering through narrative in a way that you feel as if you’re going to miss out if you did put the book down…”

Today is also your two-month notice that Dust & Grim is coming out into the world.

You can pre-order here. But if you want a signed and personalized copy, you can always buy from Doylestown Bookshop. They can also do signed/personalized copies of any of my books, provided said books are available and in-print.

But, you might say, whyyyy do I want to buy this book? Uhh, I dunno, because you like MONSTERS and CEMETERIES and STORIES OF SINISTER INHERITANCE and something called a FLORG. But don’t take my word for it, as Levar Burton might say:

Because the book has received two starred reviews so far!


“Chills and thrills ensue when long-separated siblings find themselves custodians of a very special funeral home and cemetery.”


A reminder that the cover art and interior art of D&G is by the inimitable Jensine Eckwall.

As always, writers die in the deepest and moistest abyss of obscurity if we don’t have the support from readers, so please do check out these books and if you like them — or any book by any author! — please yell and scream and deposit a review somewhere from your review cloaca (pretty sure that’s how that works, hashtag science) and tell your friends and family and pets and any stray passersby.