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Bit Of News, Couple Of Sales, Yadda Yadda

HEY Y’ALL, it’s me, your Pandemic Pal, your Apocalypse Acquaintance, your Coronavirus Cohort, your Quarantine… uhh, Qu… Quester? Fuck, I don’t know.

Anyway! Just some quick bits while we all hide in our submarines and spaceships:

First up, if you need a little escapism, here’s a 50% off coupon for both of my Mookie Pearl books — use coupon code MOOKIEPEARL to get 50% off both  — EDIT: I’m taking this down for now because Paypal is losing its fucking mind. I’m getting email after email of payment, and then payment canceled, and then again and again. I’ll look into it. Sigh.

If you’re into a more cathartic kind of “escapism,” then WANDERERS is now dropped a bit in e-book to $11.99 over at Amazon.

And you can find me at SyFy talking about the book and our, uhhh, current level of fuckery? Both how the book compares to reality and also about hope and community and stuff.

In other news:

MY WRITING SHED IS DONE. Needs to earn its final permit, and then I’ll snap pics and point out the trapdoors (information only available to subscribers).

That’s it for now, I guess.

And here I ask, anything I can do for you? How are you all doing? Would you like it if I did a kind of AMA here? I’m starting to wrangle some “online appearances” upcoming — some digital panels and podcasty things. But what else can I do for you? I want to be of service in this dark time.


Here is a dog.

Snoobug Sitting Up And Sunbeam Snoozing