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Wanderers And The Goodreads Choice Awards

Why, hello there — ’tis the time for the Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, and I feel like I should make special note that there are many excellent books on it. I also note, with a sad-face emoji, that Wanderers is not on that list, but I’ll also remind you that it could be, as a write-in in the science-fiction category. You just click that link and go down to the bottom and, zip zop zoom, write it in. (Also okay if you don’t, as there are many wonderful books on the list to choose from.) Why is Wanderers not there? I confess, I don’t know — in what is obviously my hubris, I kinda figured it would be? It did well in both sales and critical reception, and I humblebrag again that it made Publisher’s Weekly best SFFH of the year — but what do I know? Maybe it shouldn’t be. But if you think it should, I’d love for you to write it in.

(I’m sure there’s some question as to what category it belongs in — but I’d say it’s probably too long to be a proper thriller, and though I wrote it as a horror novel, its watermarks are ostensibly sci-fi.)

(Also! If you’re looking for a write in in the fantasy category, too, might I suggest Paul Krueger’s truly excellent Steel Crow Saga?)

Anyway, that’s it from me, thank you for your time and consideration and I definitely haven’t stolen a beloved pet or family heirloom from you to use as leverage in this negotiation, ha ha, who would ever do that, not me, definitely not me, says the guy who is holding your wonderful kitten, Mr. Boots, and your grandmother’s mysterious brooch. *sinister laugh*