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Macro Monday Brings The Magnificent Mantises

OH, HELLO THERE. I promised I’d be back on Monday with some photos, so you can see right there at the top, a big ol’ portrait of a beautiful mantis. She’s ready for her closeup. Also she’s ready to eat the head off your neck.

More mantis photos at the bottom of the post.

Let’s see. What’s up?

October 7th, Super Awesome Rad-as-Hell Authors Kevin Hearne and Delilah S. Dawson will be at the Doylestown Bookshop at 7pm, and who will be joining them? ABRAHAM LINCohh wait no that’s not right. *checks notes* It’s me! I’ll be there! All three of us! Shenanigans will ensue! You will buy The Princess Beard from them!

October 11-12th, I’ll be at the Morristown Book Festival in NJ — not sure of my schedule there but I think I have a couple panels and a signing? You should go!

October 13th, I’ll be at the Bucks County Book Festival, doing a SFF panel at 3pm. Signing after!

Wanderers has been doing… really well? Like, better than all my other books, easily, in terms of sales and reviews. (The SW books here are a bit of an outlier, of course.) But it’s hard not to be happy with the overall response. Every day I get tweets and emails commenting on how people really fell into the book and enjoyed it, and that’s honestly pretty dang heartwarming. It’s nice to see a book you wrote — especially one that’s huge, that’s been living in your head for years, that demanded you take a lot of risks — connecting with people. Because you just never know.

(And I remind you that if you read the book and dug it — or any book! — we authors appreciate the hell out of reviews on places like Goodreads and Amazon. If you hated the book, that’s okay too! You can shriek your bad reviews into the nearest tree stump and the mutated cookie elves who live there will definitely deliver them to me in a timely fashion.)

Of the book, Broad Street Review said:

“Wendig isn’t so much holding up a mirror to society as he is opening the window. The apocalypse is not set 20 minutes in the future, and the story is concerned not with its aftermath but with the fact of its occurrence.”

You can read an interview with me at the Amazon Book Blog.

Enterprise News said of the book (note, review contains spoilers):

“The world of Wanderers is as rich as it is fragile. It clocks in at 800 pages, but, reminiscent of the Harry Potter books, it goes fast and you won’t want it to end. One gets the uncomfortable sensation of looking into a mirror of our America, but with the frightening and the awful comes the astoundingly selfless and truly heartening reminder that, no matter how tough times get, there are always those who will stand up and be shepherds.”

Librarian Misha Stone appeared on King 5 News in Seattle to recommend it, along with some other stellar reads (like Annalee Newitz’s newest).

So, again, thanks to all who have recommended it to others and responded to it.


Now, more photos. (Or visit my Flickr.)

Have a great day, frandos.