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Hey, I’m Going Places! Bonus: Wanderers Wrap-Up

WELP, Wanderers Week is over, and now (well, tomorrow), I hop on a series of planes and go to a series of places where there are, ideally, my books and people who want me to devalue them with my signature. I’m told the book did okay out there in the wild? It seems like a bunch of you are reading it and maybe even enjoying it, so that’s really nice. This has been the nicest launch week I’ve had in a long time, in part thanks to Del Rey, the bookstores that hosted me, the sites that featured the book, and of course, ALL Y’ALL. For being rad. For being readers. My readers, in particular. *freeze-frame high-fives all around*

If you can? Keep yelling about the book. Keep leaving reviews. Keep gesticulating wildly about it. Not just to me! To all of them. If the book is gonna maintain, I need people to talk about it. Share the book-love, if you’re so inclined to do so.

With my many many thanks. And a bucket of bees.

Anyway, come see me at these places:

ATLANTA. Eagle Eye Book Shop, 7/11: details

AUSTIN. BookPeople, 7/12: details.

HOUSTON. Murder by the Book, 7/13: details.

SEATTLE. Elliot Bay Books, 7/15: details

PORTLAND. Powells in Beaverton, 7/16: details

SAN DIEGO. San Diego ComicCon, 7/18-7/21

SAN DIEGO AGAIN. Mysterious Galaxy, 7/22 (with Adam Christopher!): details.

DENVER. Tattered Cover, Colfax Ave loc, 7/23: details.

And for some quick review wrap-ups:

NPR reviewed the book!

“Wendig takes science, politics, horror, and science fiction and blended them into an outstanding story about the human spirit in times of turmoil, claiming a spot on the list of must-read apocalyptic novels while doing so.”

And the Toronto Star!

Wanderers is a book resolutely, powerfully of its time, and it is this sense of urgency and verisimilitude that places it firmly on the shelf of epidemic classics including Stephen King’s The Stand, Justin Cronin’s The Passage, and Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven.”

And the NY Journal of Books!

“It is quite simply the novel Chuck Wendig was born to write.”

And the book comes out tomorrow in the UK!



*clangs pots and pans*

All right, time to pack some suitcases, and hit the road.