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The Spectrum Of News, From Good To Sad

I suppose we should just get the sad news out of the way now: I do believe the foxes are mostly gone. Rather, they’ve abandoned the den behind the shed — they may yet be nearby, in another den! I’ve seen a kit here and there, traipsing through the woods at twilight (for crepuscular beings, they be), and one leapt away from my shed the other day in a flash. My wife saw one of the parentfoxes in the woods, skulking about as foxy foxes are wont to do. But beyond that, there is no more presence of them here — no playful kits, no dug up bits, no dog toys stolen and played with. It may have been from our neighbors’ fireworks last weekend, or it may simply have been their time to widen their range and find another den. Alas.

I may do a calendar or a photobook soon, with some of that money going to animal/nature charities, because it’d be nice to find some way to direct these lovely photos I was able to take of the kits. Hopefully the foxes aren’t mad I’m stealing their intellectual property. If they are mad, they can take it up with me by hollowing out my meat and wearing my skin like a coat.


*barfs up rabbit bones*


But! Onto better news.

First up, Wired has chosen Wanderers as one of its fourteen must-read summer books.

And Michael Patrick Hicks did a really nice review of the book, saying: “Wanderers is necessary update to the canon of epic apocalyptic American spec-fic, examining the collapse of society and the mass extinction of humankind through the lens of USA 2019.” (Note, the review is lightly spoilerish.)

Also, I’ve got an additional date added to my Wanderers tour —

7/1, from 6:30-8PM, I’ll be at the Bethlehem Library for a pre-launch event! Books will be for sale through Let’s Play Books. (You can also pre-order and I’ll sign and they’ll ship.)

And again, here’s the other stores that will be sullied by my presence:

I’m also at BookCon next weekend — my schedule is:

Saturday 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM


PRH Booth #1221

Sunday 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM

BookCon Panel: How Our Present Impacts Today’s Science Fiction

Panel with Bob Proehl, Rob Hart, and Sarah Pinsker moderated by NPR’s Petra Mayer

Choice Stage

Sunday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Geek Geek Revolution: BookCon Edition

Panel with Bob Proehl, and others


Sunday 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM


Autographing Area | Table #12

Aaaaaand don’t forget about me and Keith DeCandido reading at the KGB Bar Fantastic Fiction event on June 19th. And just after that, I’ll be at DFWCon giving a keynote, and eventually at SDCC, as well. Huzzah and hooray and bezoar.

You can also find me on a couple PODCASTS, which are for your EARS:

I was on Cordkillers! Whoa!

I also talked to Dan Blank on The Creative Shift!

And finally, Chuck & Anthony are back! Is back? Whatever. THE TWO OF US HAVE RETURNED, as the prophecy foretold. In the new cast, we talk the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, and we just recorded one talking about the finale, too. We’ll also be back to talk about more John Wick in the future, and maybe some OTHER COOL STUFF.

I think that’s it. There may be more, but whew, I’m spent. It’s Friday. It’s pants-off dance-off time.

I’d give you some final fox photos as a send-off, but Flickr is being a BITE IN THE ASS, so:

Look for them next week!

* * *

(Here I remind you that you can of course pre-order Wanderers at an independent bookmonger using Indiebound. You can pre-order the e-book, too —

AmazonB&NApple BooksKoboGoogle Play!

And there’s always audio, via Audible.)