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Your Friday Fox Update Is Here, Plus, Y’know, Book News And Stuff

So, for those who don’t follow the (now very large) thread on Twitter: the foxes remain at The Wendighaus, and may actually take over soon. The ADORABLE MURDER BABIES are growing up fast, getting their color, learning to explore, and for sure, learning to hunt.

They’ve begun to leave the den area and are roving more widely. Mom and Dad will be away for longer, leaving the kits to their own devices. Which means we’ve encountered the kits in some interesting places. They’ve been outside my shed. They’ve dug holes outside my shed and have clambered under it. One left me a glove? They’ve moved around our plant tags in the flowerbeds. Yesterday we got video of one toodling up our walkway, and this morning we got snaps of the little fuzzbutt on our front porch. Where he/she proceeded to dive off, jump into the weeds…

And return with what I believe was a li’l baby bunny.

Nature red in tooth and claw. Foxes gotta eat. Lotta bunnies to spare.

It’s been a delight to watch them. They sometimes get really active — sometimes when I’m in the shed, so I look out the back window and there they are, racing and chasing and what-not. Chewing bones and biting grass and tussling with one another. It’s some real nature show shit over here. I’m your host, RICHUCK WENDIGBOROUGH.

I of course worry! Now I don’t only have my own child to worry about but four fox children, and it’s like I’m feeling the keen fear of watching a child grow up, except in fast-forward. Because every day they roam farther. Near the road. Nearer to our neighbor’s shithead Rottweilers. While they have few natural predators, humanity cares not for what it chews up and spits out. Part of me wants to tell the kits NO JUST STAY HERE WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU FOREVER LITTLE WOODLAND CATPUPPIES but they gotta grow up and I know the statistics for their survival is usually that a third or even half of every little dies before their first year, but fingers crossed with this batch.

They have my sword is what I’m saying.

Anyway! Your best bet to follow the tale (tail) is that Twitter thread linked above.

Now, book news!

Two particularly choice bits of news, the first being:

Rebellion / Solaris has procured the rights to publish “tour de force” novel by yours truly! What does that mean? Well, UK readers, it means WANDERERS is finally back on your pre-order jam thanks to the fine folks at Rebellion / Solaris. I’m excited to be back with them with an original novel. The book comes out July 11th in the UK.

Second bit is that the first leg WANDERERS tour is firmed-up!

Where will I be?

Well, I’ll have a fancy graphic soon to show you, and more proper details (like, y’know, times), but here’s the list, and I don’t expect any changes at this point (except maybe additional dates).

June 1st-2nd: BookCon, NYC (signing Sat, panels/signing Sun)

June 19th: KGB Bar Reading with Keith DeCandido (NYC)

June 22nd-23rd: DFWCon, keynote, etc. (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

July 2nd: Launch event at the Doylestown Bookshop, Doylestown, PA

July 11th: Eagle Eye Bookshop (Atlanta, GA)

July 12th: Bookpeople (Austin, TX)

July 13th: Murder by the Book (Houston, TX)

July 15th: Elliot Bay Books (Seattle, WA)

July 16th: Powell’s (Portland, OR)

July 17th-21st: San Diego Comic-Con

July 22nd: Mysterious Galaxy, with Adam Christopher! (San Diego, CA)

July 23rd: Tattered Cover (Denver, CO)

Anyway! Have some more fox pics. (There’s a whole album on Flickr now, if you need it.)