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A Finely Reduced Friday News Sauce, Ladled Into Your Open Mouth

It’s Friday. I got stuff to talk about, so let’s goddamn talk about it.  First things first?

Holy shit, I finished a novel. Er, another novel? I mean, I’ve finished a lot of these, to be a little self-congratulatory. In fact, this one will be my 24th novel, I believe. (I know! I know. I need an intervention.) In this case, it was The Book of Accidents, a kind of… intimate-but-then-epic family-besieged-by-horror story. And it ended up (coughs into hand) at 175,000 words, which is long? Probably too long. But it’s at least 100k shy of Wanderers, so, hey, there’s that. Is it good? I have no idea. Is it done? It sure as fuck is. PARTY TIME, PEOPLE. *rips off pants* *reads comic books*

Here is your membership to the Assassin’s Guild. Did you know that Chuck and Anthony are back castin’ some pods? We return with The Continental, a three-part narrative excavation of John Wick. And the first part — “Save the Cat, Kill the Dog” is live now at Come give a listen! Don’t forget to pay a gold doubloon first. Bonus: first episode also stars Mikey Neumann!

Roses are red, the Sleepwalkers are coming, along with their shepherds, and war-drums a-drumming. A couple new promo-scented blurb-cards for Wanderers are up:

Again, book comes out July 2nd — preorder print, eBook, or audio! Or add on Goodreads. OR TATTOO IT UPON YOUR FLESH. We have such sights to show you.

Onward, we travel. And soon I should be announcing bookstores I’ll be visiting for Wanderers — if you’ve got a bookstore you’d like me to visit, drop it into the comments. I can’t promise anything, as I can’t be everywhere nor am I the one who sets all this up necessarily, but it’ll help to know where people might like to see me instead of, say, throwing cans at my head.


Happy Fuck It Friday, Frandos!