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Friday Newsfood Feeds You With Some Book Release News

Newsy newsy newwwwws, exchanging glances. Er, ahem, what I mean is, hey! It’s Friday and I’ve got some news nibblings for you, if you care to have ’em.

The note is key. Hey, who’s the keynote speaker this year at DFWCon? *receives message* Oh hey, it’s me! June 22-23, I’ll be there, giving my dubious untruths about the writing life. Hope to see you there.

Win stuff, you butts. That’s right, there’s now a pre-order contest running over at Kevin Hearne’s site for Death & Honey — you wanna win some cool signed books, then click on over there, hand the man your pre-order proof, and maybe win some things.

Get your hot fresh death prediction here! Also, Let’s Play Books is extending our their Miriam Black signed-book deal — order from them, I’ll sign it and customize a prediction of your inevitable demise, and they’ll ship it. It’s rad, do it. True for any of the books of the series!

And now, for some sweet sassy book deal news.

Hey, guess what?

I’m writing a sequel to Damn Fine Story.

From the announcement:

NYT bestseller Chuck Wendig’s ONE FANTASTIC FREAKIN’ STORY, a follow-up to Damn Fine Story that focuses on storytelling in the sci fi, fantasy, horror, and suspense genres, covering worldbuilding, the hero’s journey, tropes, archetypes, and more, to Amy Jones at Writer’s Digest Books, for publication in the fall of 2020, by Stacia Decker at Dunow, Carlson & Lerner

As noted, it’ll be another story-focused exploration, this time focusing on how and why we tell tales across a variety of genres — what makes a story scary, what does worldbuilding do for your story, what the hell are tropes and why are they good and also bad? I’m really looking forward to writing this one as a nice follow-up to DFS, a book that has gotten a surprising amount of love (and, if we’re being frank, sells really well). Be cool to stick the jaunty elk on the cover in a space suit and give him SWORD ANTLERS or something.

So that’s the news, folks.

See you next week.