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Macro Monday Is The Weirdest Heirloom Apple Yet

AHOY-HOY, FRANDOS. It is I, the King-of-Town! I come to deliver unto you a great bevy of news with the tolling of my bell, cla-clang, cla-clang. Or something.

First of all, fuck Mondays, right? Especially fuck the Monday after a holiday.

Okay, moving on.

Some buzzy news bits to hug and squeeze —

First, I got these:

The first official ARCs / AREs (Advanced Reader Copies/Editions) of Wanderers. Holy shit, it’s real! The product of a whole lotta work is coming to fruition — 800 pages of it, though still not in your hands until July, I’m afraid.

Also, an author I quite admire (seriously, her Book of M was so good, check it out in print or eBook), Peng Shepherd, had some very nice things to say about the book. She said, in a tweet, that “WANDERERS is a masterpiece, & you want it in your hands the second it comes out.” And Delilah S. Dawson, another writer I deeply admire and one I count as a most excellent friend, said the book makes her jealous, and for a writer, that’s high compliment indeed. Honestly, both Shepherd and Dawson make me jealous.

If you wanna preorder Wanderers in print, then the best place to do so is at your favorite local indie bookstore — which you can always find via Indiebound. Also worth reminding that many, even most, indie stores will ship right to you. If you wanna pre-order eBook, got you covered there, too. And you can add it at Goodreads.

Let’s see. What else?

You are listening to Ragnatalk, right? This past week Anthony and I had special guest Trin Garritano, who reminds us that Thor: Ragnarok is the most bisexual movie ever, and there’s a reason it’s called the Bi-Frost and not the Straight-Frost. Go listen! Or be haunted by three spirits!

In personal news, we put up our Christmas tree. Apparently this, by some metrics, is early? We always try to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving.


*barfs tinsel*

Aaaaaanyway, here are some photos of heirloom apples in macro — don’t forget to check out my #heirloomapplereview thread, which has now reached its dread conclusion after, uhh, 170-some tweets? Wow, I might have a problem. In need of an apple intervention.

Have a great week, weirdos.