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Friday Funday News Dump!



*does the Things To Talk About dance*

*which involves a lot of gallumphing*

*also partial nudity*

Let us begin.

Ragnatalk: The E! True Hollywood Story

So, finally, finally, Thor Ragnatalk, Episode 2 has come out. This was — this was a hard one to record, and we really weren’t going to talk about the whys and whyfors of that situation, but Anthony and I felt we had to explain ourselves and, maybe too, tell our truths, so this episode is exactly that. As always, you can listen to new episodes at Ragnatalk-dot-com, where you can hear us reveling in the glory that is Thor: Ragnarok, taking the movie in ten-minute chunks. It’s also available where PODCASTS LIVE, like for instance, over at Appletown. Listen, subscribe, hear our great shame, our tale of woe, our journey of iniquity.

p.s. may contain pee jars

Death & Honey

HEY SO, remember Three Slices?

In case you don’t, a quick refresher:

My very good friends and authorial talent batteries Kevin Hearne and Delilah S. Dawson said, “We should do a collection of three novellas,” and I dunno what I said, I probably mumbled something and covered myself with a bean bag so I could drink more low-shelf whiskey, which legally constituted an agreement on my part. As a result, Three Slices was born. (You can get it on e-book or audio!) Kevin wrote a Iron Druid story, Delilah wrote a Blud tale, and I wrote a Miriam Black novella.

And it was a lot of fun and there was much rejoicing.

We decided to do it again.

It’s called Death & Honey.

And this time, there’s a print version.

*hold for applause*

Subterranean Press is offering 1500 signed numbered editions, and only 52 (!) signed leatherbound copies of our little collection, and you can pre-order now. (Releasing in February.)

What’s in it?

Well, Kevin wrote a new Oberon’s Meaty Mystery.

Delilah wrote a new Rhett Walker story.

And I wrote a story tied to the Miriam Black universe, starring the character Lauren Martin, aka, Wren — it bridges the gap between The Raptor & The Wren and Vultures. (It is not essential to read this to understand either of those books, but is a narrative value-add, so to speak.)

There will of course be an e-book and audio edition, too. More on those when there’s more to say.

In the meantime, here’s the cover to the print version, by Galen Dara —

Bucks County Book Fest

Aaaaand finally, I’ll be speaking this Sunday at the Bucks County Book Festival, appearing at a panel at 1pm with AWESOME AUTHOR HUMAN Fran Wilde! We’ll be speaking at the Editor Tent, talking about… ummm?

Sci-fi and fantasy and probably knock-knock jokes and loud birds and ice cream.


You can find the whole Bucks Book Fest schedule here.

Hope to see you there!