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Macro Monday Is A Dark Lord Of The Sith

Soooooo, some news! With the wrap up of the brilliant Darth Vader run by Charles Soule, I will be writing a five-issue miniseries for Marvel Star Wars called:


*thunder rumbles*

It was announced at NYCC this past weekend!

Each issue takes the POV of someone affected by Vader — i.e. someone cast into his literal and figurative shadow. The first issue is a riff on Friday the 13th, with Vader as our slasher killer. The second is basically Willrow Hood: A Star Wars Story. Third issue is about a morgue attendant on the Death Star who becomes somewhat… obsessed by a series of unusual deaths, deaths that ahem, might have been caused by a mysterious choking sensation. Fourth issue shows the return of Aftermath‘s Acolytes of the Beyond. And finally, the fifth issue shows a conflict between Leia and a new Resistance pilot who has learned of Leia’s grim, Vader-flavored bloodline.

You can check out the first two covers, both by Greg Smallwood:

I mean, right? So cool.

Art on the first issue will be by Juanan Ramirez.

You can read more about it at, plus read about tons of other cool SW-related publishing announcements. (Including Alphabet Squadron!)

The day that was announced was also the day that You Might Be The Killer premiered on SyFy, and though I did not get a chance to watch it live, I did DVR it and watched it last night. I also followed along as it aired, checking out the hashtag and it was great fun to watch people… well, having great fun, especially on a day so deeply shitty and divisive as Saturday was. (Goddamn, this country cannot get its head out of its ass, can it?)

I think that’s it for news from me, so here you go, have a butterfly, just don’t eat it.

You ate it, didn’t you?