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Macro Monday Smells Nice And Flowery

Gonna be honest with you: I really love that photo.

I don’t know why.

Just do.

I don’t consider myself a visual artist. I don’t know what goes into making a striking image; the architecture of it, the creation of it, is beyond me. I know how to work my camera, but more as a lucky acolyte and not a capable master. So mostly I point the camera and I shoot my pics, and once in a while I get one or some that I really like, and that one there? I really like it.


It’s a “rue anemone.”

And given that it is spring, it’s a great time to take snaps of flowers — flowers like bloodroot, or swamp lilies, or rue — because they don’t have much competition for the camera’s eye. So, at the bottom of this post, you’ll find more photos of pretty pretty flowers, so go look at them when we’re done here.


*clears throat*

If you missed it, I apparently went viral in… New Zealand? For eating a candy called Pineapple Lumps, sent to me by my Kiwi cohort, Adam Christopher? The internet is weird, y’all. Maybe I’ll make it a point to review RANDOM CANDY on Twitter from time to time sent to me by trusted globetrotting pals.

Also, there’s a new Star Wars TV show coming out — a cartoon called Star Wars: Resistance. A lot of folks have asked if it’ll touch on the events of Aftermath, or carry those forward, given that the show seems set between the two trilogy eras and… you know, I have no idea? It would be great if it did. I mean, we still have the lingering question of Rae Sloane, not to mention the future adventures of the Aftermath crew. (You can find some nice callbacks and cameos in Daniel Older’s fantastic Last Shot, by the way.)

Finally, a reminder that the MEGA ULTRA BOOK BUNDLE is only on sale until tomorrow — 50% off, which nets you ten books for ten bucks using coupon code BOOKBIRTHDAY.

Other things are in the works, and I’ve other stuff to announce, but as is the author life, I’m unable to announce them as yet.

So, onward we go!

Hope to see folks at the BCFL Comic Con this weekend here in Bucks County, or at Phoenix ComicFest at the end of May.


(p.s. I know that Flickr has been bought by SmugMug, a change I welcome — SmugMug looks nice and also! looks like it’ll give me an opportunity to sell these photos in various ways, so look for that transition to happen over the next month or two)