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Macro Monday Is Made Of Birds




There, I have fulfilled my contractually-obligated Philadelphia-area enthusiasm.  Above is a picture of not just a bald eagle, but a motherfucking sea eagle — this one seen in Brisbane at the koala place. Whatever the koala place is called. There’s a place with koalas, and you go there on a boat, and then it’s not just koalas. No, I’m not going to Google it, we’ll just call it… mmm, Koalatown. Or Koalaopolis.

*cue Kristen Bell saying, This is the Koala Place*

Actually, since we’re showing off birds, here are more raptor birds —

(Including, of course, some very Superb Owls.)

This is a Kestral, which is a great name and I think I’m going to change my name to it, Kestral Wendig, don’t @ me.

Here’s Steve, who is obviously high as shit on mice right now —

Steve obviously has a real problem.

All this is of course a very good segue into, HEY, DON’T FORGET, THE RAPTOR & THE WREN IS OUT, YOU WACKY KIDS. Seriously, it features an owl named Bird-of-Doom. I’ve received a number of emails and tweets now about this book, and many of them amount to people both mad at me  while simultaneously asking when the next one is out (hint: January 2019), which excites me deeply. I wrote a book with lots of twists and turns engineered to, ideally, rip your brain and your heart out of your body and maybe force them to switch places. I hope it did as I hoped it would do — no spoilers. (And holy shit, just wait to see the shit I pull in Vultures. Whoof.)

You can grab the book in print or e-book.

If you’ve read it, I very seriously would love a review — one of the ways I get to keep doing the things that I do is when you perform the one-two punch of a) buy my book and then b) review the book after reading it. Part of this is because reviews help others find books, but another part is that more reviews lend strength to the algorithms that help people find the books on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. And it also opens the book up to different kinds of promotional opportunities in the future. Sad that we are in some ways locked to those numbers, but here we are, welcome to The Internet.

People sometimes ask me where the best place to buy a book is — in terms of how much I make, I guess — and I’ll answer now as I always answer, which is, I hope you buy the book from whatever location and in whatever format that gives you maximum pleasure and/or bang-for-your-buckitude. I won’t judge. (Er, long as you don’t pirate the book, then I’mma probably judge a little.) My emotional preference is, when buying print, you buy from your local independent bookstore, because many such bookstores are the true bridge between a reading community and the author — libraries, too, form the same function, and if you’re not buying the book, please request the book at your local library.

I’m adding a local date to THE SKED, by the way — I’ll be again joining the Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde show at Doylestown Bookshop on April 7th at 4pm here in Pennsylvania. Kevin’s launching the last in his Iron Druid series, Scourged — which is the ninth (!) book. So, you should go to that or you will be punished in eternal torment.

I think that’s it for me.


*drops mic*

*on foot*

*gets an ingrown toenail*