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Macro Monday Dumps A Buncha News On Your Head And Runs

Last year around this time, we were revving up our trip to Maui, so I thought I’d pop a macro shot from our trip into this post — behold, an anole, chill enough to let me get in macro-snappin’ range. The anole is wise. Listen to the anole’s wizardly wisdom. Or whatever.

A quick hose-down of what’s up:

Invasive gets a shout-out at Sword & Laser, one of the greatest SFF podcasts of all time, so give a click and go listen. Don’t make me make you.

If you’d like to hear Ahmed Best — the voice of Jar-Jar Binks — talk about his thoughts on Jar-Jar’s portrayal in Empire’s End, look no further. Bonus: he does a reading from the book!

Also, a bunch of us Star Wars author types give some thoughts in this SyFy article about how it is to write for the Star Wars universe.

(Related: I’m also told Battlefront 2 may have some Aftermath-adjacent content?)

Lessee, what else?

The collected edition of my first proper comic book work, writing alongside Adam Christopher and with art from Drew Johnson, is finally coming out — The Shield: Daughter of the Revolution awaits. It had an, erm, erratic release schedule, so maybe you didn’t read these? Go read!

Turok, Issue 4 comes out next week, too — “Captured by cultists and recruited by rebels! The mystery of Turok’s past is illuminated as he, Nettle and Marak escape into the darkness of the tunnels beneath the Storm Lands – and their rebel guide attempts to convince Turok to kill a living god – the leader of the Varanid Empire, Imperator Vex!” GO READ IT. The penultimate chapter before everything goes holy-shit-shaped.

The third Miriam Black book, The Cormorant, is $1.99 for your ELECTRONIC BOOK DEVICE, and I don’t know why, and I don’t know for how long, but it is, so go grab it if you haven’t.

The fifth Miriam book, The Raptor & The Wren, is up for pre-order now (out January 23rd!), and also I believe ready on Netgalley for ARC review? I apologize in advance for the contents of that book, ahem. (Print, e-book.)

Thanks everyone who has so far checked out Damn Fine Story (print, e-book). I’m hoping for some of you it’s providing interesting narrative fodder to help you through the CHAOS BLENDER that is NaNoWriMo.

AAAAAAAND here is the classic, old-school authorial reminder that if you liked that book, or any of my books, please go to your nearest Review Receptacle (Goodreads, Amazon, social media) and leave a review, if you so please. Unless of course you did not like the book, in which case, please staple your negative review to the nearest goat, and then force the goat into the wastelands where it may die or be consumed by hill cannibals. Please and thank you.

If I’m scarce here this week, it’s because I’m 233,000 words into a novel and need to finish this Epic Monstrosity this week if at all possible (I literally crested 1000 pages in the Word document, which, while not equivalent to 1000 pages of printed novel, is still a Whole Lotta Motherfucking Pages). So, it is now that I put on my headlamp and go into the word-mines to dig my way clear of this rich vein of narrative ore.


*disappears into the dark with a canary*

*gets hungry*

*eats the canary*

*is probably a cat*