Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Macro Monday Was Really Inside Us, All Along

See that photo?

It’s body hair.

No, calm down, not that kind of body hair. Nothing south of the border.

IT’S NIPPLE HAIR ha ha no, not really, just arm hair.

No big news to share — well, I have a couple pieces, but I can’t actually share them lest I be murdered — so I’ll just say that, had a stellar event with Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde the other day at the Free Library of Philly (and ahem apologies it’s why there was no flash fiction challenge, I had to bust out of here too early and forgot to hit POST). Huge crowd (as Kevin is wont to draw), and had a blast the whole way.

Prior to that I did one of those things that counts as PROPER ADULTING — not like, “I cleaned my counter, yay #adulting,” but rather, “I updated my last will and testament and figured out my physical and literary estate for when I finally kick off, be it today or ten thousand todays from now, and sure, hey, let’s consider the legal ramifications of my eventual hop-skip-shuffle off this mortal coil, whee #adulting.” This is a reminder that if you have not squared away the Circumstances After Your Demise, do so. Doubly so if you have children, triply so if you are a person who has intellectual property about which to worry.

Speaking of the mortal coil —

I am sad to see George Romero go. Romero created for us an entirely new mythology, and that’s no small thing. He understood that monsters were not merely monsters, but rather, that they were a commentary on us, or a reflection of us. Further, he was a paragon to both the horror community and the independent film community. Last week I had the distinct pleasure of being in a Night of the Living Dead anthology that Romero co-edited with Jonathan Maberry, and now, Romero being gone is just a kick to the teeth.

Onward, now, to a few more macro photos for the week — the first of which is from a plant that is literally called RATTLESNAKE MASTER (also my nickname in high school). Second photo is a ladybug pupa. Third photo is waterdrop on evergreen.