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Macro Monday Has A Book Cover To Show You, Deer Reader




Okay, no, wait, shit, don’t despair.

That’s just the cover of my brand spanking new writing book, even though it’s not really a writing book but rather, a book about storytelling, about how we tell stories, why we tell them, and how we can use all the fiddly bits of narrative to make them more impactful.

It also contains a deer on the cover.

And various personal anecdotes like the one about the masturbating elk.

The book is out October 18th of this year.

And why yes, my deer, you can pre-order it:

Indiebound | Amazon | B&N

And yes, I do believe I’ll be doing a brief li’l book tour in support — I will in fact be joining word maestro Kevin Hearne on his book tour for the really-fucking-awesome Plague of Giants and story-maven Fran Wilde (of the Bone Universe series) in San Francisco (Borderlands, Oct 17th), Portland (Powells in Beaverton, Oct 18th) and Seattle (University Bookstore, October 19th).

Though you may be saying hey that’s too far away, I wanna see you guys sooner, then DEER READER, I’ll note that you can come see us this motherfucking Friday (the 14th) if you’re anywhere near Philadelphia (event details here).

So, do all of that.

Go buy all the books.

Come see all the authors.

Flail and gibber and wail.

Also yeah no, I know that’s not a macro photo, but pretend it’s a really tiny deer.

(Sidenote: I’ve been having some problems with the blog again — I think they’re solved now, was based on a wonky .htaccess file. Apologies for any downtime or unapproved comments!)