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Macro Monday Smells Nice And Flowery

Okay, so strictly speaking, that photo up there isn’t a macro. It’s not properly 1:1, but it’s getting all up in there, so we’re just going to handwave away the macro specifics.

*hand waves*

Took that one on the desert floor at Arches National Park.

No idea what kind of flower it is, so we’ll just say it’s a Southwestern Articulated Elkblossom. Good? Good. We’re all in agreement. At the bottom, I’ll toss in a couple more flower photos because yay spring.

What else is going on?

First up, I know that those who subscribe to this blog are no longer getting emails sent from terribleminds and are instead sent from WordPress. If anybody has any idea how to fix, give a shout. I’ve tried everything.

Second, since occasionally I am struck by folks who don’t realize or have forgotten Thunderbird is out — aka, the fourth Miriam Black book — hey, looky here, it exists, woooo, go grabby. It’s got the desert and drugs and psychic shenanigans and a creepy militia and vultures and domestic terrorism and Miriam saying snarky mean shit and woo and huzzah and whatever. I dug it, hope you dig it, too. (Thunderbird at Indiebound, at Amazon.)

Third, you can watch my interview at SyFy while sitting inside a landspeeder, motherfucker. Er, I’m the one sitting in a landspeeder, not that you can watch it from inside a landspeeder.

There’s probably something else, but it’s Monday and my brain is poop.

*flails wildly*

*flings flower photos into your eyeballs*