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You, Me, And Margaret Atwood: Pelee Island Writer’s Retreat

The Pelee Island Writer’s Retreat has four more days left on the clock.

You can, right now, go there and sign up for a week-long writing retreat on the island with either Margaret Atwood or myself as your instructor. Margaret asked me to be a part of it, and in my experience, when she asks you something like that, you say yes. She could pull up in a wizard van full of mysterious birds and, you know, c’mon. You say yes to that adventure. You just do.

So, I said yes. And I want to teach the class, but I need a class to teach.

It’s on an island. In a lake. In Canada. It’s also an island with bird observatory.

BIRDS, GODDAMNIT. BIRDS. I love birds! So exciting.

You buy the perk, you get room, food, and we get to hang out for a week to talk about how our stories work inside — and transcend — the boundaries of genre.

This will be huge. And fun. You should go.

Listen to Margaret Atwood! Join us! One of us! One of us.