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Macro Monday Will Throw You Into A Trash Compactor

That is an old Emperor Palpatine action figure of mine given the macro treatment. I like doing that, sometimes — taking a gander at toys, particularly older ones, from a new angle.

Here’s an older one I took of Nien Nunb:

I may take some more — I have a bunch of the old figures and sets (which I let B-Dub play with because I ain’t no collector who keeps all the fun stuff in boxes, ew).

Anyway, them’s your macros for the day.

And in Star Wars-related news:

For some reason, Star Wars: Aftermath on Kindle is $1.99 — it started yesterday, and I’ve no idea how long it goes. Could be ten minutes, could be ten days. I expect it to actually end early today. So go grabby grabby. And MTFBWY, monkey-lizards.