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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten More Titles

We’re going to ape the challenge from last week because honestly, that website came up with so many rad titles I want to keep forcing you to use them. And I’m also lazy.

Never discount the fact I’m incredibly lazy.


Here’s how this’ll work.

At the bottom of this post will be ten titles randomly selected at this website — you must choose one of them and write a flash fiction story (~1000 words) using that title. Any genre. Post it at your online space. Link back to it in the comments. Due by next Friday, January 29th, noon EST.

The ten titles are:

The Incubus’ Tale

The Manor Above

The Dancer And The Shattered Shell

The Hero Will Not Be Automatic

Ring of Bullets

The Music Box of Manhattan

These Damned Insects

Tiger, Burning

A Cold Opportunity Without The Kingdom

The Apocalypse Ticket