Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Flash (Non)Fiction Challenge: Tell A Story From Your Life

This one is going to be a bit different than the usual.

I want you to do the standard — write a story, keep it around 1000 words, post it at your blog, and link back here in the comments so we can all see it.

However, I want it to be a true story. Preferably, one that happened to you. Meaning, I’d like you to engage in a little creative non-fiction and write a story from your own life instead of something made up. The value of looking to our own experiences are myriad — while we should never ever feel trapped by the needless rigors of WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW, we should consider that advice as an occasional opportunity.

So, you have the rules.

Find a story from your life and write it. Keep it trim. Keep it vital. Make it awesome.


[edit: due in one week, as usual — by friday, oct 9th, noon est]