Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick A Character And Go, Go, Go

Go to the comment section of last week’s challenge.

Therein, folks created characters in whatever way they felt passed creative muster.

Your job this week is to reach in there and pluck out a character that intrigues you, and drop that character into a new piece of fiction of your own devising. You have 2000 words to accomplish this, to give you a bit of extra oxygen.

Please credit the original character creator in your post!

Post your story at your blog.

Link back here, yadda yadda.

Due on one week, by Friday, September 4th, noon EST.

145 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick A Character And Go, Go, Go”

    • Ooh! I think there’s a lot of fun fodder to be had in setting up conflict between paranormal adventurers and the not-so-paranormal law — and in the times when one’s monster-killing duties set you up against the ones you care about.

      I was a little disappointed to see the cool “deaf vampire hunter” idea get turned into “deaf vampire hunter who can actually hear just fine anyway”? It would be interesting to see how deafness is both a strength and challenge for such a character.

      P.S. regarding the use of dialogue tags, I see you doing something I see crop up quite a bit, which is:
      “That’s true.” The woman said.
      When the right form is:
      “That’s true,” the woman said.

      That’s my $0.02 anyway – keep it up! 🙂

      • I tried to stick to the deaf vampire killer idea – but it morphed all on its own into what happened… and the story did explain how she ‘heard’ people and things (how she felt instead of actually hearing things), but still it was so much of a challenge to me – as a writer to stick to the idea of it. Yes, I do have a lot to learn with it.

        As with the dialogue… well, I’ve tried it the way you’ve told me is the right way, only to be corrected to how I’ve been writing… then I’ve been recorrected yet again to the way you’ve been writing to be re-recorrected again… only to confuse the crap out of me. So, I write the way I write dialogue and if proofreaders and editors hate me, so be it. 😛

        Thank your reply though … I love hearing from anyone who has enjoyed my writing. 😀

    • Interesting creation Mozette. I’m glad to see Coreal is getting some use in other people’s stories. I hope she was useful in helping you develop your writing and your style. Cheers!

      • Well… I found her very interesting… very cold; and yet she begged the ever-questioning writing in me of where her family was, if they knew that she was a Vampire Hunter/Killer and what would happen if she had to face that dreaded day of if she had to hunt them down because they were turned… how she’d deal with it.

        And more the question of how anyone would deal with something like this…. not very well.

  1. *grumble grumble gripe bitch moan* It’s doubtful I’ll be able to submit a story by the deadline. I need to take an unexpected flight on short notice down to Florida to help my son pack up and drive back home to New York. Hmmm … If I get caught in the hurricane, I may have some time after all. *wanders off pondering the logistics of writing on a Kindle Fire*

  2. This one was awesome (both the character and what you’ve done with it)! I’ve got a bad feeling I know what’s going to happen to her though, and I wish things had come to a head inside the 1000 words, instead of (spoiler alert?) the to-be-continued type ending. Good stuff!

    • I liked your story a lot! I had to read the ending twice, though. spoiler alert- I hadn’t fully digested her absolution from guilt. 😉 Nicely played, Aimee!

    • I liked this one, especially the ending. Hey, this is so off- topic, but I got an email from the editor of the Frozen Fairy Tales anthology, and I saw a familiar name among the other recipients. Are you in the anthology too? (If it’s okay to ask?)

      • Small world, haha — that is indeed me. Congrats on getting into the anthology! This is my first short story sale, so I’m pretty excited. 🙂

  3. Anyone else getting stuck in moderation? This never used to happen–is it because of having a link in the comment?

  4. 11:21 by my watch so in under the wire.

    There were a lot of great characters to choose from. It would have been very difficult to pick one if Zack Klimczak’s character Coreal, didn’t start to tell me her story as soon as I read her description at https://thewritingblocks.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/flash-fiction-challenge-create-a-character/

    Please accept a serving of Stake, Well Done – http://normalisjustasettingonmyclothesdryer.blogspot.com/p/stake-well-done.html

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