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Zer0es Reviews, A Spot Of Bad News, And Other Tiddle Bits

First up: ZER0ES.

I want to say thanks to you guys for checking out the book and spreading the word. I’ve received scads and buckets and facefuls of messages over email and social media of you folks checking the book out and really digging it, and that makes the dead bird inside my chest that passes for a heart twitch and gabble. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a writer because I write, but I am a professional and published author only because you guys are there to read what I write, and that is basically the best thing ever. I get to keep doing what I do. This website continues to exist because of you. Seriously: you rock. *boogies*

In case you missed it, the book has gotten a little more press:

Jason Heller at NPR said of the book:

“Wendig makes it look breezy, but there’s a deeper layer of story at work. While Zer0es is unabashedly a whip-crack thriller — the plot eventually goes global, to the point where devastating blackouts in New York and Iran’s nuclear program come into play — some finer points of morality and philosophy pulse beneath the surface. What is the nature of privacy and individuality in a world increasingly reliant on networking? With borders often rendered meaningless by hackers, what means are justifiable in the name of national security? How can a civilization uphold any ideals at all with terms like “white torture” poisoning the discourse? Zer0es probes the many facets of these issues, but it comes down squarely on the side of the (messy, flawed, unpredictable) individual. …Not that Wendig spends too much time pondering the big questions. He’s mostly here to entertain — and in its smart, timely, electrifying way, that’s exactly what Zer0es does.”

Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing said:

“Chuck Wendig’s new technothriller Zeroes is a hacker misfit tale in the lineage of War Games and Sneakers, true to the spirit (and often, the minutae) of security work, and exciting as hell to boot… The third act is an endless lunatic drum-solo of action-adventure played on an array of crashing symbols and high-hats. Wendig clearly had a lot of fun thinking up ways of topping himself when it came to new ways that an all-pervasive technological adversary could make life horrifying for a plucky band of adventurers.”

GeekDad said:

“I fully expect this book to get the big screen treatment soon. But you know the book is always better than the movie, so don’t bother waiting… get to reading now and enjoy the ride.”

Author E.C. Myers said:

“Chuck Wendig’s new novel, Zer0es, is more cyber and more thrilling than most cyber thrillers I’ve read. From the very first page, it’s evident that Wendig is either secretly a world-class hacker in his own right, or he’s done so much research that he has become not only comfortable, but fluent in the technical and paranoia-fueled online world that hackers inhabit. Either way, he’s definitely on the NSA’s watchlist — but this book should be on their reading list as well, as Zer0es is an entertaining and timely addition to the subgenre.”

So, great reviews, very happy. Woo.

As always, if you’ve read and liked the book, books like this thrive because of word-of-mouth — and your word-of-mouth has greater reach these days thanks to the internet. Our circle of trust is far bigger than when it was just us and our five friends, so if you did dig the book, telling people about it and leaving a review somewhere makes for an ace way to get the word out.

(Also, some folks have asked me about the audio version — no news there, yet, but it’ll happen.)

The Libba Bray Lair of Dreams Launch Event

I was scheduled to be the emcee and interviewer and COHORT to Libba Bray on-stage today for her LAIR OF DREAMS launch event in Brooklyn, but it is not to be — to my great consternation, in fact, because I was really fucking looking forward to going to this. But B-Dub got sick, and now I’m getting sick, and I don’t want to be the Outbreak Monkey at her very nice launch event. (Plus my voice is going. I sound croaky and monstrous.) As such, she has assured me that the event will go on without me, as really I was just going to be a sexy lamp anyway.


It’s tonight, the Bell House. Details here.

Also, hot damn, why haven’t you picked up a copy of LAIR OF DREAMS yet? Go do that! THE DIVINERS was eye-bugging in how amazing it was, so you need to get on that stick, stat. (Actually, at that link the Diviners is only $2.99 for your Kindle right now, if you’re one of them E-LUCK-TRON reader-types.)

The Light Your Fuse Creativity Retreat

On 9/12, I’ll be here in Bethlehem, PA, giving a talk about that dread, misunderstood beast:


It’s a full-day of workshops, though, geared around writing and creativity.

You should totally check it out.

I won’t have books for sale there, but do bring some: I’ll sign!

Daniel Jose Older

Did a ZER0ES event last week with one Mister Daniel Jose Older, and I’m reading Shadowshaper right now, and you need to read it because holy shit is it good. If you want an example of a writer who knows how to leave out all the boring parts, Older is your huckleberry. Also, the guy’s great on stage and if you ever get to go to an event he’s at — or, better yet, be on stage with him — it is to your benefit.

Should You Use Naughty Language And Ideas In Your YA?

I feel like I failed to blog about this when it happened, but this summer’s been a damn whirlwind, folks. Point is — I PODCASTED with one mister Scott Sigler and one empress Delilah S. Dawson about whether or not YA authors should, like, censor themselves in their books and in their social media, and you can check out that podcastery right here.

Space Battles: Aftershave


My little self-published (ha ha ha not) book, STAR WARS: AFTERMATH lands next week. Friday. FORCE Friday, as it were. And you can buy signed copies from B&N.