Flash Fiction Challenge: The Random Song Title Jamboree

I’ll be going through your epic list of potential flash fiction suggestions next week, but for now, it’s time to revive one of the classics: the random song title challenge

Way this works is:

Go to your music player of choice, pull up a random song, and use that song title as the title to your story. You don’t need to make the story about the song or inspired by the song (unless you want to) — all you really need is the title to run with. On iTunes, it’s shuffle, I think, but if you google “play random song” you’ll find plenty of ways to conjure one from the chaos.

Write the story with the song title as your story title.

You’ve got 1000 words.

Write it at your online space, give us a link in the comments so we can all read it.

Due by July 3rd, noon EST.

141 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Random Song Title Jamboree”

    • Even though some part of me could see where it was going, the rest of me hoped it wasn’t so. Well done.

      My Spotify queue has been doing an excellent job of adding background music while I’m reading these. “Perro” by The Album Leaf added an element of something good.

      Though now that I think about it, maybe stories are best when read in silence. I’m not sure. Either way, the story does stand well on its own.

    • Awesome. You did a wonderful job painting pictures, the dullness of space travel, the excitement of the ride down, and the panic at the end.

      Side note: I was listening to ‘It’s only Words’ by The Best Pessimist while reading this, it worked pretty well as a soundtrack.

  1. This one plunged me deep into the haze of nostalgia, as it was a song I haven’t heard in a very long time, and brought me back to living in West Berlin, where the movie this song was featured in was filmed…in the same year I went there. The story itself, however, took me in a direction I never expected to go in–it was like a visitation by someone else’s Muse. Here is “Six Bells Chime” (from the band Crime and the City Solution.” http://www.herravendomain.com/six-bells-chime/

  2. […] This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge starts with a song title. We were to pick a random song title (from our iTunes or Apple Music or iHeart or Pandora or Spotify or by taking the entrails of an albino crow and throwing them on our vinyl collection – whatever!) and using that as a “seed” to tell our story. I got a Huey Lewis & The News song. As always, comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated. […]

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