Flash Fiction Challenge: Time Again To Write An Opening Sentence

That classic challenge is back:

Do not write a story.

Nope. Mm-mm, don’t do it.


Write only an opening sentence.

Not two sentences. Not three. One. Good. Sentence.

Drop the opening sentence in the comments below, and then next week we will make use of some of those sentences for the next challenge. You’ve got one week — due by next Friday, the 17th, noon EST. Get cracking, word-herders.

510 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Time Again To Write An Opening Sentence”

  1. The picture on the screen gave no clues about the perpetrator, making her miss the good old days of print photography, when she could have dusted it for fingerprints or analyzed the paper for something that would help catch the Fool’s Funnel murderer.

    • Personally, I prefer a mint under the pillow rather than a horses’s head on top. Just sayin’.

  2. It is her first day in the strange city and she has been called “tyro-walker” since she first stepped off the train car.

  3. After many hours of treading water and praying for help he felt hands on him, and he praised God that by some miracle he was rescued—until they pulled him under.

    • I *love* this line! Instant horror. It’s fantastically unexpected and leads my imagination into the deep dark ocean. Fantastic!

  4. My dreams are filled with dead things that move, slithering shadows, gleaming black blood, and broken teeth; yet I still prefer them to the world outside my head.

  5. Despite being a ten-year veteran of the Extraordinary Events Bureau, more commonly known as the ThaumaCops, this was the first time Lester MacDougall had faced a sloppy stormcloud-smuggler attempting to resist arrest by releasing the stormcloud.

  6. There I was shoving dirty clothes and garbage into the hall closet, tossing smelly sneakers down the hallway like a madwoman, when the doorbell rang; in that moment, my hopes and dreams floated out of me like a body giving up the ghost.

  7. It’s regrettable, but the death of a marriage is only truly acceptable when one of the vested parties leaves as a corpse.

  8. Maybe they were right, he thought as he kissed the young woman’s corpse, maybe Mean Mister Marcus really was a madman.

  9. He stared at the three buttons: all big; all red; each individually labelled as follows – ‘Anger’, ‘Sorrow’, ‘Death’.

  10. When she reached up to slip her bronzing hair behind an ear, her wrist jostled and shook with loops and tangles of small bones and even smaller teeth, those of which entranced me more than anything else in that stretching market of foreign wares.

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