Flash Fiction Challenge: Share An Image, Write A Story

I’m sharing an image with you.

You can use that image as inspiration for a 1000-word piece of flash fiction.

Or, you can share a link to a different image below.

(Please don’t share more than one image, and if it’s NSFW, please offer warning. And nothing triggery or weird, I don’t want this to be a road with a bunch of tire-popping potholes for people’s safety and sanity, okay?)

Then, write a story based on the image above, or one of the other images in the comments.

The trick is, please don’t write a story based on an image you have shared.

Be inspired by what something else has left for you.

That is, in many ways, how our stories work, after all.


Pick an image.

Use that image as the inspiration for your flash fiction.

Post the fiction at your blog, link back here so we can read it.

Due by 4/10, noon EST.

166 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Share An Image, Write A Story”

    • A few grammatical things to fix up in the beginning, but I liked where you went with it… very much.

      I thought she’d be more upset about losing him though.

      • Thank you! 🙂 I liked the twist of her being sort of blase and “Oh well, guess I gotta get mySELF home since my dumb boyfriend got himself disappeared.” It amused me, though if I made the story longer, I don’t know if that reaction would remain the same. It was nice practice, though… I’ve recently gotten back into the writing game after 10+ years of not writing *anything*, so I’m a bit rusty and stuff like this helps flex those muscles.

    • I love the picture you chose. It is so full of emotion. Your story is sad, but makes an accurate comment on much of humanity. It would be wonderful to live in a Benai kind of world in the company of star children.

      • Thanks for reading. I wanted to address the themes of perpetual warfare, constant growth and the fusion of the two as a form of cultural madness. When presented with something that might cause Humanity to truly spread to the stars before they were ready, could someone tasked with protecting the realm make the decision to protect the realm (from itself) above their own personal aggrandizement?

    • The library is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work – and depending on location, it can be …erm… challenging. The visitors definitely flavor the experience. As you can see, sometimes it’s awesome fun.

  1. Let’s see if this works.

  2. […] Chuck Wendig’s Challenge this week was to write a 1,000 word flash fiction based on the picture he provided. As soon as I saw the picture, I started thinking of this story. Without the lullaby, the total word count is 1,006. The lullaby is called Cradle Song and it was written by Thomas Drekker. I took some liberties and put down the last half first because it flowed better with my story. […]

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