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Contest: Create A Kick-Ass Terribleminds Wallpaper



Whoa, wait, wrong contest.

*ruffles through papers*

Ah! Yes. Here it is.

So, in March, Tacopope Extraordinaire Kevin Hearne ran a wallpaper contest in support of his Iron Druid urban fantasy (which I know you’re reading because you like cool things).

And so, I’m stealing from him performing an homage.

Here’s what I want from you:

I want you to design a wallpaper — like, the kind you use on your computer desktop or to display at a blog, not the kind you slap on your dining room walls — that is in some way terribleminds-themed. A pithy quote or passage from the blog — something about writing, as let’s assume this wallpaper will be there to motivate writers with the dubious authorial “wisdom” contained within this very website. Or maybe you want to take something like my ARE YOU A REAL WRITER flowchart and redesign it so it doesn’t suck as much as when I did it!

Here’s the rules:

a) Design a wallpaper (ideally 2560 x 1440 for display on desktop monitors, but at least 700px wide so that I can fit it across the span of this blog).

b) The wallpaper must be terribleminds themed (as noted above).

c) Wallpaper must have my name and the web address ( on it. This is somewhat open to interpretation, of course, so feel free to get creative.

d) Email this wallpaper to me at terribleminds at gmail dot com before 4/15/15, noon EST.

e) The wallpaper should be in a viewable format. JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.

f) If the file is over like, 10MB, you might wanna shrink it down. If you have problems emailing it to me, feel free to email me a link to the photo (like, say, a Flickr image) instead.

g) You may submit only one wallpaper.

Note that if you submit a wallpaper, you’re agreeing that said wallpaper can be used by me or by any other human (or sentient robot) on the Internet for its own non-commercial purposes. In other words, you’re agreeing to let me and other people share them around for inspiration or because hey, cool.

Now, onto PRIZES.

Because: CONTEST.

There will be two first prize winners, each of whom will receive:

The gonzo e-book bundle, which features eight of my writing-related e-books.

And I’ll also toss you the first two books of my Heartland trilogy, either in print or e-book format.

The way the first prize winners will be chosen:

I’ll pick one.

And you’ll collectively pick one.

I’ll also pick a random winner who will get the e-book writing book bundle.

That’s it. That’s the long and short of it.