Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words Only

This week’s challenge is not one of subject, theme, or other detail — the challenge is simply one of length. Because normally? You get 1000 words. Today? You get only 100. (I think this is technically called a “drabble.” You can call it “Bobo” for all I like.)


Go to your online space.

Post 100 words (no more!) of fiction.

Link back here so we can all see it.

Due by next Friday, 3/27.

That’s it.

I double dog dare you to do it.

(edit: I also double dog my friend, Erin Lynn Jeffreys Hodges, to try it, too.)

395 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words Only”

  1. I don’t have a blog… is it against the rules to post here? If so, please do delete, with my apologies.

    100 words exactly…

    You say that I should leave, so I begin to pack.
    “Should I take this with me?” I ask about a souvenir we bought together.
    “That’s fine,” you respond.
    My touch lingers on the red ribbon wrapped around our letters and notes. “I should just throw these away, then?”
    “That’s fine.”
    I gather up every photograph in which I appear beside you, and every item I ever touched, and every breath that called your name. “I guess I’ll be going.”
    “That’s fine,” you say.
    So, I leave.
    And now I exist only so that you can be fine without me.

    • Love the inner dialogue and that last sentence really captures this side of a harsh break-up.

      On the topic of blogs, you can easily start one, then even if you don’t use it as your journal, you’ll have it to post things such as this drabble and other writing challenges.

      See this link for a list of blog hosting sites – with descriptions: http://www.dearblogger.org/blogger-or-wordpress-better
      Search a list of how to articles: http://www.wikihow.com/Main-Page

      I have a WordPress blog, but I’m no authority… learning as I go. I Google questions when I have them and most of the time the answers are out there. You should give it a try!

      • Thank you so much for the feedback! I rarely write at all, actually, so I doubt I have the need for a blog. I just lurk here for the perspective and humor of Chuck and his commenters. But, something about the short and sweet nature of this challenge inspired me. I will certainly keep these resources in mind, though, just in case. Thanks again!

  2. I had never flown before this, I looked out the window and saw the city being swallowed by clouds. It was beautiful yet frightening. My hands were sweaty and my leg trembling, I just wanted to scream. It wasn’t because it was my first flight, it was the men waving their guns.

    Please give constructive criticism, it is one of my first pieces.

    • I think what catches my eye first and foremost is that you’ve only got one leg. Whether that was on purpose or a typo, it’s definitely thought-provoking.

      Next, the sudden twist of ‘aw, nervous about flying?’ to NOPE. GUNS. Cue the record scratch!

      I like it, and I wonder where it could go — but I also think you could’ve done more, because you barely used half your word limit.

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