Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Goodbye, Mookie. Hello, Mookie.

Some of you may have noted that the March 3rd release of The Hellsblood Bride has come and gone. I noted earlier that the book was canceled, though not every site carried that update — I think Goodreads was still insisting it was coming out, despite reality’s insistence otherwise. Which suggests we should be keeping an eye on Goodreads, because it may have gained sentience. I’m just saying. Weaponized book reviews? THAT SHIT IS COMING. Just you watch.


So, Mookie Pearl is dead.

But long live Mookie Pearl.

Because, as it turns out, I am once again in possession of those rights.

Which means, Mookie Pearl is getting a resurrection.

Lightning and fire and a smudge of the ol’ Blue Blazes around the temples. That’s right, I’m talking Cerulean, Peacock Powder, Smurf Jizz, the ol’ blue, ol’ boy.

No firm release date on this, as yet. I’ll likely give it a late-in-the-year release so as not to clog up my release schedule (there’s a lot coming out: The Harvest, Zer0es, plus the re-release of the Miriam Black books across e-book first and then print, and oh yeah, that Miriam Black novella, and hey let’s not forget that REDACTED book I can’t even talk about, yet). I think given the tenor of the book, it makes sense to aim for Halloween — so, expect a release in the weeks leading up to everyone’s favorite spookypants holiday.

Plus, that’ll give me time to spit-and-polish the sequel to my heart’s delight.

(This means I’ll be releasing both Blue Blazes and Hellsblood Bride on one day.)

You can, of course, read the opening chapter from The Blue Blazes to get a taste.

And then you have to wait.

But soon! By the end of the year. Soon.

P.S. Zer0es cover reveal tomorrow, I think, at B&N book blog.