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Post A Paragraph From Your WIP, Receive Critique

It’s that time again, word-nerds.

The comments on this post is now an open forum where you can drop a paragraph of your work-in-progress (aka “WIP”) — limited to ~100 words or so. Pop it in the comments and others may offer some critique — critique not meaning, “Tear it to shreds,” but rather, “An evaluation of the good and bad elements of the work.”

(This is salient, by the way, as this week I’ll have a short post about critique.)

The one rule is:

If you post a paragraph for critique…

You must then also offer critique for someone else’s paragraph.

Quid pro quo, Clarice.

As to what paragraph you choose?

You might choose an opening paragraph, or a paragraph that’s giving you some trouble.

Good luck.

Be kind.

Be constructive, not destructive.

Go forth and help one another.