Flash Fiction Challenge: The SubGenre Blender

Last week’s challenge: Must Contain Three Things.

This week is one of my favorite brands of challenge — the subgenre smash-up.

Your goal is simple: pick one subgenre from each of the two tables below (preferably randomly, using either a die or a random number generator) and then mash those two genres up into a single story.

This time around, let’s say you have 2000 words. Write it at your online space, link back here in the comments so we can all see it. You’ve got one week — due next Friday by noon EST.

Subgenre Table 1

  1. Haunted House
  2. Space Opera
  3. Cryptozoological
  4. Sword & Sorcery
  5. Cozy mystery
  6. Dystopian
  7. Zombie
  8. Espionage
  9. Arthurian Fantasy
  10. Vampire Erotica
  11. Greek Mythology
  12. Kaiju
  13. Utopian
  14. Lovecraftian
  15. Extraterrestrial
  16. Conspiracy Thriller
  17. Steampunk
  18. Dieselpunk
  19. Cornpunk
  20. Urban Fantasy

Subgenre Table 2

  1. Weird Tales
  2. Technothriller
  3. Noir Detective
  4. Biopunk
  5. Heist / Caper!
  6. Slasher / Final Girl
  7. Alternate History
  8. Disaster Porn
  9. Superhero
  10. Eco-Thriller
  11. Bumbling Detective
  12. Wild West
  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. Comic Fantasy
  15. Psychological Thriller
  16. Regency Romance
  17. Magical Realism
  18. Bodice Ripper
  19. Paranormal Romance
  20. Satanic Horror

117 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The SubGenre Blender”

  1. Ooof, I went for a different style this week and it was a strange experiment! Here is my Greek Mythology-Alternate History short story… “Fallout”.

    I had hoped to do a second one in the biopunk urban fantasy category, but plumb ran out of time.


  2. I know this challenge is over, but by looking at the Subgenre Tables the seed for a Dystopian Zombie-Kaiju Biopunk Story was planted into my mind. I love this Blog.

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