Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Flash Fiction Challenge: Picking Uncommon Apples

Last week’s challenge: From Sentence To Story.

It is apple season, people.

Apple season.


And with apple season comes a chance to sample a world of weird apples.

Uncommon apples.

Like, say, from this list grabbed at North Star Orchards here in PA.

I want you to look through this list.

You can use a random number generator if you like.

But pick three of these apples.

And include them — not apples themselves, necessarily, but the names of said apples — in your story. They can be included however you see fit: character names, place names, some other worldbuilding aspect, anything and any way you so choose.

You’ve got 1000 words.

Post at your online space.

Link back here.

Due by next Friday, noon, EST.

Pick your apples.