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A Hot Broth Made From News Bones

optimizedI have this big seawall of huge news items I cannot yet share.

But, some stuff is starting to trickle through, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

NYCC Appearances

Will I be at NYCC this weekend?

By gosh and by golly, I will. My schedule is:

Sunday, 10:30AM I’ll be at the 47North booth (#806), signing Blightborn.

Sunday, 12:15PM: I’ll be on a Dark Circle / Archie panel discussing The Shield (which, if you missed it, is my first official comics gig — sharing the writing burden with friend and cohort Adam Christopher — and the image at the fore of this post is Shield fan-art done by Patrick Thomas Parnell). I’ll be on that panel with Duane Swierzcynski, Dean Haspiel, Alex Segura, Paul Kaminski. Also present: the wraith of Adam Christopher, telepathically attending in spirit.

Sunday, 4pm-5pm, a signing at the Archie booth.

I’m also at NYCC on Saturday, but have… well, nothing to do, yet! SO I SHALL HOVER.

Come say hi.

I’ll sign books.

We’ll thumb-wrestle.

Something! Anything!

Other Appearances

I’m going to be at Let’s Play Books in adorable Emmaus, PA!

October 16th!


I’ll sign books. I’ll talk! I’ll pirouette!

More details here.

Also, I’ll be in Vancouver at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. October 24-26th.

Other upcoming appearances are likely to include:

Camp NECon, Paradise Lost, and Context (in Columbus, OH).


I am once again part of the very cool Storybundle.

This one curated by Kevin J. Anderson and focusing on NaNoWriMo writing tools.

You will find in there my own 500 Ways To Be A Better Writer, but therein you’ll also find work by KJA, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and more. It’s six books for pay-what-you-want plus another six book bonus if you pay at least fifteen bucks. Pretty cool stuff, and if you want it to, some of that money goes to charity, too — including GirlsWriteNow. You get to decide how much of the money goes to authors, as well, which is its own neat little function. So, anyway:

Check it out here, consider grabbing the bundle.

Book Riot Lurves Me

I have infected Book Riot with the Me Virus.

They let me appear twice on two different recent podcasts?

What were they thinking?

Better question: what hallucinogens were they greedily gobbling?

First up, you’ll find me at the Dear Book Nerd podcast answering questions about Jane Austen, Strong Book Opinions, and Self-Publishing. Thanks to Rita Meade for having me on!

And then, in what turned out to be I think one of my favorite podcasts of all time — Reading Lives, with yours truly. Host Jeff O’Neal digs into my reading history and what books have really affected me and mattered to me, and it was so much fun to think about these things. (Their description for the podcast is great, so I’m using it: “Reading Lives is an interview podcast with interesting people who love books. My guest on this episode is Chuck Wendig. Chuck is a novelist, screenwriter, and game designer. In this episode, We talk about the greatness of Ulysses, what happens when you try to take away a Stephen King novel from a teenager, his mother’s reaction the first time she read one of his stories, and more.”)