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Blightborn Selfies: My Vote, And Time To Pick Yours


We had 18 entries.

All by lovely people.

You can see all the wonderful photos right here.

It is time to pick two winners.

One winner, I pick.

One winner, you pick.

Before I announce my winner, here’s how you pick yours.

Go to the photo album.

Find your favorite.

Each photo is numbered.

And in the comments here, drop the number of your choice (one choice only, please).

That’s pretty much it.

I’ll give two days for voting, and will tally on Wednesday, noon EST.

Now. My favorite?

As always, it’s a hard choice, but at the end of the day I’m always into cosplay — and J.R. Blackwell’s image of herself as a Heartlander amongst the corn is basically whoa-mazing. So, J.R. Blackwell — congrats! Ping me over email, as I’ll need your mailing address for one of the two Heartland-themed Kindle Paperwhites. That image, drum roll please…

Now, time for the rest of you to vote.

Pick a photo.

Go to the comments.

Tell me which one is your fave.


Holy crow, that was a close one.

It was a hotly-contested arm-wrasslin’ fest between #1, #4, #12, and #15.

But, in the end —


That would be, of course, #1.

So: email me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.