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Big-Ass Book Bundle: Ending Soon, So Get It Before The Bone Man What Never Mind I Didn’t Say Anything About A Bone Man

The Gonzo Big Book Bundle.

Seven writing e-books.

Name-your-price, starting at $10.

Buy eBook

I’m running this until the end of the month, which is in just a few days.

Nab it while the nabbing is good.

Or before the BONE MAN finds you.

I didn’t say anything about a BONE MAN. Who said BONE MAN?

It wasn’t me.

There definitely isn’t a supernatural BONE MAN that I’ve hired to hunt down people who displease me by failing to take part in my wonderful book promotions. He definitely doesn’t have a thousand fleshless fingers and centipedes for his lips.

There’s no BONE MAN.

Night night.

Sleep tight.

Don’t let the BONE MAN bite. Your face. Off the skull. Which is how you join the BONE MAN and haunt people as one of his OSSEOUS MINIONS oh there I’ve gone and said too much.

*draws curtains*