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Lay A Paragraph On The Altar Of Critique

Last week’s post about critiquing opening lines generated a fascinating — and holy crap, robust — fusillade of comments back and forth, which is exciting to see.

So, let’s do it again.

Or, something similar, at least.

What I want you to to do is to grab a paragraph — hopefully a shorter one, but that’s your call — and offer up that paragraph for critique. Drop it into the comments, and let folks talk about what would make it stronger — in terms of description, metaphor, clarity of language, characterization, what-have-you and blah blah blah.

You can grab something from your current WIP.

Or, if so inclined, write something new.

One paragraph only.

If you’re offering up a paragraph for critique, it’s only fair you offer commentary to someone else.

Be respectful of others. Say good things as well as bad.

Let’s do it.