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Win Some Books For Signal Boosting: The Cormorant

* * *

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Miriam Black knows how you’re going to die.

All it takes is a touch — a little skin-to-skin action.

Now someone — some rich asshole from Florida — wants to pay her so he can find out how he’s going to die. But when she touches him, she receives a message sent back through time and written in blood: HELLO, MIRIAM. It’s a taunt, a warning, and the start of a dangerous and deadly game for everybody’s favorite carcinogenic psychic, Miriam Black.

* * *

My experience in releasing books is this: the first week see very strong sales. Then the remainder of the first month, sales drop a little each week. Then after that month they drop somewhat considerably, and over time kind of creep back up and then yo-yo up and down over the course of many weeks. Watching the sales line is like watching a drunken crop-duster ply his aerial pesticide craft as if he were, instead, a stunt pilot.

(One book that deviated from this is The Kick-Ass Writer, which appeared to go up and up for many weeks after its release — not sure why this is, exactly, but I shan’t complain.)


Point is: The Cormorant has now been out for just shy of a month. We are approaching the dreaded dip and I thought, well, this seems like a fine time to signal boost. Particularly since the book is with Angry Robot — who, while very wonderful and inventive, remains a small publisher. Which means I can’t just take a nap on all these bags of sweet author money. (A contrast to this is Under the Empyrean Sky, which was published by Skyscape/Amazon — they ran a promotion where the book appeared on folks’ ad-subsidized Kindles and as a result, the book sales were rather phenomenal during the weeks of that marketing event. It was a bit boggling in the best way. I felt drunk! SALES DRUNK.)

So, today’s signal boost comes in the form of a contest.

A Twitter contest.

I want you to tweet about the book.

This tweet must include two things:

a) the hashtag: #miriamblackisback

b) a link to this very blog post.

Your tweet can contain anything else you like. Which I know opens me to you inserting some weird emoji of, like, a cartoon dick eating a hamburger, but that’s my cross to bear, not yours.

(The goal is to get people to come here and, you know, at least consider checking out the book. And for those who have already read it, the secondary goal is to ask for reviews. Reviews help a book survive and even thrive, and I appreciate every one that crosses my eyeballs.)

This contest runs from noon EST today (1/28/14) to 11:59PM EST tonight (1/28/14).

Tomorrow morning I’ll pick three random winners.

First picked winner will get all three of the Miriam Black books, signed. (That means: Blackbirds, Mockingbird, The Cormorant.)

Two other winners will each get a copy of The Cormorant, signed.

(Also: I autograph the Miriam Black books by predicting how you’re gonna die.)

I’ll pay shipping — unless you’re outside the U.S., in which case, shipping is on you.

One tweet only, please. Multiple tweets won’t count.

And that’s it. Thanks for signal boosting. Everyone’s favorite psychotic psychic thanks you, too. Probably by predicting your demise then pushing you down some stairs so she can steal your cool calculator watch. Because that’s how she rolls. Usually.