Apple-Obsessed Author Fella


I don’t actually know what’s wrong with all of you — I’m suspecting some kind of brain parasite transmitted via Twitter — but yesterday my Twitter follower count shuddered and clicked over to the 25,000 mark. So: confetti, ponies, sex orgy, bourbon, etc.

Anyway, so I thought this was a good time to give away some books.

I’ll give away all three Miriam Black books — the first two (Blackbirds and Mockingbird) will be signed paperback copies, and Cormorant (aka, book three) will be a digital copy.

Here’s how you get ’em:

a) Be from the United States, or be willing to pay international shipping / accept e-books instead.

b) Between 6AM and 11:59PM EST on December 4th, 2013, tweet what you think the next Miriam Black book should be called — note that all Miriam Black books have thus far been named after a bird, so, you should do that, too. You must include a link to this blog post! Oh, and most important part of them all because it’s how the NSA oh sorry will track you — use the hashtag:


c) The next Miriam Black book will actually be called Thunderbird, so don’t use that name.

d) One entry per person, please.

e) The next morning (12/5), I’ll do a random draw from those who have used the hashtag. After I eat breakfast and drink coffee and clean up whatever dead body I’ve been sleeping next to all night thanks to another one of my violent, hallucinogenic fugue states.

I’ll shout out the winner here and on Twitter.

And for the rest of you — hey, Cormorant lands at the end of the month, dontchaknow?

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