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Flash Fiction Challenge: Spin The Wheel Of Conflict

Last week’s challenge: “WTF Is This Thing?

This week, simple enough: I’m going to give you twenty different potential conflict prompts to dominate your flash fiction story. Roll a d20 or find a random number generator and boom, you’ve got your conflict. (Or, if you see one you really like, hey, just pick it. ESCHEW CHAOS.)

You can interpret these prompts as you see fit.

(Any genre will do.)

You then write ~1000 words of fiction.

You post it on your online space. Link back here.

Due by next Friday, the 20th, noon EST.

Here, then, is your list:

  1. Killed, returned to life to claim vengeance
  2. Betrayal by a lover
  3. Monster invasion!
  4. Lost in a strange place
  5. Owe money to some very bad people
  6. The bomb is counting down!
  7. The apocalypse has arrived
  8. A threatened home
  9. A spiteful child
  10. A crippling disease with a rare cure
  11. Stolen identity!
  12. Man becomes monster
  13. Machines are taking over
  14. Dark secrets, exposed
  15. A difficult funeral
  16. Friend becomes enemy
  17. A tragedy of one’s own making
  18. Redemption for past sins
  19. Nemesis attacks!
  20. Power corrupts!