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Flash Fiction Challenge: Down The TV Tropes Rabbit Hole

Last week’s challenge: “Another Roll Of The Dice

Given that earlier in the week we talked about tropes and in particular the infinitely-entertaining website known as “TV Tropes,” well…

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Go to

In the top menu bar is a button called random.

I want you to click that button.

You’ll get a trope.

You will use this trope as the basis to write your flash fiction this week.

(Identify the trope for us so we can see your pick, please.)

Now, sometimes you’ll click it and you might get something specific to television or film, and okay, it’s totally fine to click a few times to get something that actually suits a ~1000-word piece of flash fiction. Nobody’s watching. Except me, in your ceiling.

You’ve got one week to write your story on your own online space and link back here — due by July 5th, at noon EST. Now to get tropey, willya?