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The Most Controversial Question Ever Posed At This Website

What soup do you like?

I know, I know. Soup. Courting controversy with that one! I mean, sheesh. If there’s one piece of advice absolutely critical to creative creators of all stripes it’s: Don’t talk about soup on the Internet, but I’m a rebel, an iconoclast, I cannot be pinned down by your digital norms.

Didn’t Amanda Palmer just do a TED Talk about this?

Something about… about soup?


I want to know what your favorite soup is.

Then, second question: I demand some soup recipes.

In the last few weeks I’ve made two damn fine soups — a sausage kale soup and a vegetable soup — and I’m kind of on a soup kick, as it were. So: help me out, won’t you?

Spit in the face of controversy and speak to me of soup.

Favorite soup.

Recipes of soup.