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A One-Two Punch Cover Reveal: Blue Blazes and Gods & Monsters

And so, I give you, a glorious pair of covers.

Gods & Monsters: Unclean Spirits is out 5/2.

The Blue Blazes drops 5/28.

Not that I want to play favorites but, c’mon, The Blue Blazes cover is by the inimitable Joey Hi-fi, who did the covers to Blackbirds and Mockingbird! Once again I won the cover lottery here. The Founding Fields also has a brief Q&A with me about the book and the cover.

The (also awesome) cover of Gods & Monsters is by Clint Langley!

Both are available for pre-order now.

Gods & Monsters is about how the gods of all the pantheons have been exiled to earth, and how one man seeks his vengeance for the ills they’ve laid upon him and his family. (Features: Aphrodite! The Throne of Heaven! Coyote’s Penis! Cernunnos! And so much more!)

The Blue Blazes is about the one man standing at the intersection between the criminal Underworld and the mythic, monster-filled Underworld and what happens when his own daughter rises up to oppose him. (Features: Goblins! Golems! Snakefaces! Worm-Gods! Goat-Men! Sandhogs! Roller Derby Girl Gangs! Charcuterie! All underneath the island of Manhattan!)

Hope you like the covers.

(click them to see full-size)