Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Me, GenreCon, Brisbane (Translation: Holy Crap! Australia!)

News for you Australian-types out there:

I’m one of the guests of honor at GenreCon in Brisbane this year!

Obviously, this is extremely flattering to be invited, and to also get to travel to the opposite end of this little blue-green marble in order to meet friends and fans. I SEEK TO LEARN YOUR AUSTRALIAN WAYS. Please teach me. And also please protect me from your army of venomous creatures. (Seriously, every time I read about Australia it never fails to mention something about your unholy host of venomous creatures. I think everything has venom over there. “The average Australian Cattle Hound has venom glands near its dew-claws, and when it nibbles on its paws it creates a toxic hell-froth inside its muzzle and…”)

Seriously, though:

Fucking. Excited.

Thanks to the kind folks of GenreCon for having me. Hope to see some of you there!

Details on GenreCon here.