The Kick-Ass Writer: Coming Soon To Bookshelves Near You

I arrive on the back of my digital horse bearing news!

So, I get a lot of folks who ask about a print version of my writing advice.

Well, guess what?

Writer’s Digest will be publishing The Kick-Ass Writer: 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, and Earn Your Audience, by yours truly. It’ll reprint a bevy of my “25 things” lists, with also a handful of new ones to provide some fresh content!

(I’ll also be speaking at the Writer’s Digest East conference in NY in April.)

Not sure of a publication date. I’ll update you when I have one!


Er, I mean, I’m glad my dubious writing advice will offer value to readers on bookstore shelves.

Or something.

Thanks all for coming along for the ride.

More as I know it! Eeee!

*jumps up and down, snaps ankle, cries in the mud*

38 responses to “The Kick-Ass Writer: Coming Soon To Bookshelves Near You”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about another writer’s announcement of forthcoming work and speaking engagements. I’m going to pretend it’s because I’ve taken your advice of being happy for others and not because I’m turning into some sort of stalker-ish fan girl.

  2. Good thing that mud is cold and icy, it should keep the swelling down. Yes! Booze-soaked, zen-lacquered words of writing wisdom on real paper! That should send the amazon-one-star-purity-squad into a total dither!

  3. Nice one Chuck. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool yourself – actually, maybe you can. I’m not sure. Never mind. Congratulations. Looking forward to it.

  4. Huzzah! Finally a penmonkey tome of my very own to dog-ear and highlight with abandon (and pet and hug and call George…oh wait)

      • Sure, but of course it is, just like every other realm of advice-giving. People don’t get to be God even if they want to, even when they believe their own press. Although it has been my observation and experience that most people are 90% full of shit, 10% revelation of the glorious and unexpected, I think you have successfully captured those uncommon moments in your writing books.

  5. This is fantastic news! Your advice has helped me grow so much as a writer! Can’t wait for this… mega-book. (with 1001 words of wisdom, that must have a monster page count!).

    I will eagerly await my new paperweight- er- I mean tablet of wisdom.

    Still, your advice has done wonders. For that you will always have my respect.

  6. Congratulations!

    /The good side of getting late to the party is that I don’t have to dig around here and just can pick up a real book. *cheers*

    //One of the reasons why I read this blog and your advice is actually that you don’t say “you’re doing it wrong if you do it differently.”

  7. Congrats! Your writing advice has helped me to produce content in several outlets.

    You are proof that working your ass off can provide serious results! You deserve all the success that has and will come your way, Chuck!

  8. Congrats!!! Your advice is so helpful (and it comes laced with mental images that scar forever). Shine some more light into the dark places!!

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