Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

A Loose Proclamation About Terribleminds

Gonna shake things up just a teeny-tiny-titty bit here at terribleminds.

I’m going to put the blog on a loose “schedule.”

That way, you know what you’re getting on any given day.

And I know what I’m writing for the week ahead.

This is not going to be carved in the obsidian walls of Satan’s palace or anything — if I get a wild laser beam up my ass, I may decide to shift the order one week to sate my demonic urges.

But, here, then, is the schedule going forward:

  • MONDAY: Baboon Pornography
  • TUESDAY: Some Stupid Shit About Writing
  • WEDNESDAY: A Microsoft Paint Drawing Of Genitals
  • THURSDAY: Full House Fan Fiction
  • FRIDAY: Baboon Pornography

Right? Sound good?

*receives a sudden flurry of emails*

Oh. Okay. Some of you are on board with the baboon porn, but most, not so much. Whatever. Some of you clearly hate change. And monkeys. And porn. And that means we can’t be friends.

Fine. Fine. Chrissakes. The things I do for you people. Let’s try this again.

The new-new schedule:

  • MONDAY: A Question Posed To You, The Terribleminds Audience, For Discussion Purposes
  • TUESDAY: Some Totally Insightful Shit About Writing
  • WEDNESDAY: Wild Card Anything-Goes Day (Rant! Recipe! Monkey Porn!)
  • THURSDAY: A Terribleminds Storyteller Interview
  • FRIDAY: Flash Fiction Challenge

Good? Yes? Are we in accord?