Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Ask Me Questions About Writing And Storytelling (And I’ll Try To Answer)

I have a Tumblr page.

Have had it for a while. Don’t use it very often.

It’s here —

I don’t really intend to use it any more frequently, really, but, I do want to make use of Tumblr’s “ask” function to solicit questions from you people on the subject of writing, storytelling, publishing, whatever.

I will answer said questions publicly. On this blog.

I may do this once a week, once a month — no idea. Whenever the mood strikes and I get a good question.

To ask a question, go here–>

You can ask anonymously if you choose.

(You can post in the comments below, if you’d prefer.)

If I pick your question (and I know who you are), I’ll happily toss you a free e-book from my stable of self-published work. For all I know, nobody will ask a thing — so, we’ll see how this experiment plays out.