Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

It’s A Great Time To Be A Storyteller

Happy Memorial Day, y’all.

Very short post today:

It’s a great time to be a writer and a storyteller.

It’s not the easiest time, no.

But it is a great time, just the same.

We have more options than ever.

The Internet has given us tools and connectedness.

Our stories can travel lickety-split with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger.

We can connect with other creators and collaborate.

The audience can collaborate with us.

We can publish big, small, or by ourselves.

We have artists and editors and audio techs all within digital reach.

The crowd can fund our efforts.

The web can push them out to millions.

Word-of-mouth carries our signal to circles overlapping circles overlapping circles — many pebbles thrown, infinite ripples colliding, a creative chaos theory given life and form.

None of this is simple.

All of it takes work.

The level of work we have to do is greater — and there remains oh-so-much to learn.

But while the key is heavy and the lock is stubborn, the door that it opens is profound.

It’s a great time to be a writer and a storyteller.

Go write.

Go tell stories.

Go and find your audience.