Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Let Us Discuss The Nature Of Book Promotion

Given that I am a noisy self-promoter, you already know I have a book out this week.

But, I want to pull back from the self-promotion and talk about the nature of self-promotion.

First, for readers, I want to know: what promo works for you? What gets your attention? Word of mouth is probably the biggest (which means that ultimately a good book is its own best promotion), and certainly social media has inflated our own circle of trust in terms of spreading said word of mouth. But what else does it? What else grabs you by your sensitive nipples and forces your hand to consider buying a book or investigating an author’s work? What hooks you?

For authors, I want to ask: what do you do in terms of self-promotion? How much does your publisher handle? What works? What doesn’t? What inventive stuff have you seen or done?

Trad-pub and self-pub, please chime in.

Talk about… y’know, all of it. Book trailers, book tours, covers, ads, ARGs, anything and everything.

Let’s paint with shotguns. Explode this topic a little (or a lot).